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St James Junior School Individual Portraits

We are pleased to announce that we will be in school on the 10th of March this year to capture individual portrait photographs of your children.

The safety of pupils and staff and reducing the impact on children’s learning and staff administration is most important to us. Which is why we ask for you to book. We provide all our proofs and orders on line, this removes the risk and potential spread of Covid coming into school from proofs, orders and cash being sent in to school.

We realize that not everyone will choose to have their children photographed or wish purchase a photograph. Which is why we ask you to complete the google booking form below, but only if you wish for your children to be photographed.

The process is secure and allows us to ensure we provide a cost effective price for the photographs we capture, by reducing time taken photographing and editing images of children whose parents don’t want a photograph. Please ensure you book a place only if you would like your children to be photographed.

We will also be photographing siblings this year, so if you would like your children photographed together, this will be done from 7.45 until the start of school and from the end of school on the same day. Please bring your children to school at the times mentioned, please be aware this is on a first come first served basis. For the Sibling photos you will be asked to provide details on the day. You will still need to book individual portraits for each of your children that currently attend St James School, it’s not a problem if younger children do not attend school currently as all proofs will be sent via your oldest child’s individual details. Please complete the booking form before 5pm on the 1st of March otherwise your child will not be photographed!

With in 10 working days of the photographs being taken you will receive a secure link to view the proof and place your order via the email you supplied. Your password will also be the email that you used on the booking form, passwords are case sensitive so please ensure that you only use lowercase.

The best value purchase option is the digital print, you will have the copyright permissions to reprint them wherever you choose. We will also provide a discount code for you to use when placing multiple orders. Digital Prints cost £15.00

Any information will only be used to help us deliver this years portraits, so please ensure it is as accurate as possible.

To Book please click here.

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