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Construction Photo & Film

Construction companies come to us when they need help to capture site photography and film throughout the UK.

They use the work we produce in various ways. Some use it to share the progress of each build with their clients, keeping them up to date with photography and film from each live site. Our work is also used to communicate the work on site via social media posts.

Our work also helps our clients with bids, and tender applications as we can capture each stage of a build including specialist work on site that they can reference within new bids.

From Ground breaking to hand over, every job is different. There are many ways that the final photos and film are used. What do you need help with on site? Is it with, Social media photos and film is it for bids, Is it for Online or print materials?

Whatever your need is, we would love to have a chat with you, so feel free to get in touch. Simon@jaktphotography.co.uk or 07811 144016

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