Have you ever wondered what happens to business waste?

We’re all pretty clued up on what happens to our household waste but what about business waste? The waste that can’t be neatly sorted into colour coded bins. It’s something I know I’ve wondered as I’ve photographed construction sites and demolition projects in various parts of the country.

I have combined some photographs of demolition sites with last months visit to Ward Recycling in Chesterfield. I was there to photograph some of the buildings that were purpose built for them by my client. Ward recycling offer metal and waste management solutions to businesses with the aim of ensuring that a minimal amount of waste goes to landfill.

As well as being able to create an impactful set of creative images it was really insightful to be able to see first hand what they do to minimise the environmental impact of lots of the projects I’m commissioned to photograph. I’m always looking for opportunities to increase my knowledge and understanding of the construction industry.

The gallery below is a selection of just some of the images I’ve had the pleasure of creating from Ward’s Site and from demolitions sites throughout the UK.