How to let your customers and employees know you’re back up and running, and telling them the changes that you’ve made

While the phrase “the new normal” may have been repeated so heavily recently that it’s become a  bit of a cliché (although nowhere near as clichéd as “unprecedented times”…), it is something we are all having to face.

As businesses slowly start to ease out of lockdown and as the light at the end of the tunnel gets slowly brighter, it’s time to start thinking about how to communicate your “new normal”.

Every brand, company and business will have to implement some form of changes and making sure you let your employees and customers know about the steps you are taking is vital.

Let customers know you’re back in business

  • Blogs
  • Website updates
  • Social media posts
  • Email campaigns
  • Printed newsletters
  • In-store leaflets and signage
  • Press releases

It might be as simple as saying “we’re back!”, but it also might be that you’ve had to implement certain social distancing measures and you need to let people know what they are. Or if you’re operating in a different capacity now with more flexible working, you’ll need to let people know how and when they can get in touch.

We know that people have got enough on their plates at the moment so don’t need to spend time trying to find the right words and having to worry if they have been clear enough. When it comes your communications there is no room for error here.

Everything needs to be clear, consistent and easy to understand.  Which is where we can come in!

We’ve joined forces with Honest Communictaions to offer joint copywriting and photography services for business easing out of lockdown. What better way to really show people what they will be experiencing than with photos? It’ll help put your customers mind at ease about what they will experience when they visit and help them to know it’s completely safe.

For example, are you a shop that’s brought in social distancing measures, or even a one-way system? We will visit your business to take photos, and Honest Communications will write the accompanying copy for social media posts and website updates and will send to you in one package. Simple!

Turn the spotlight on your internal comms

Clarity isn’t just important when it comes to your external comms, it’s even more important internally and will help your employees feel more comfortable about returning to work.

We can help provide the copy and photography required to communicate any changes to staff. This might include:

  • Statements
  • Letters
  • Handbooks
  • Workplace signage and posters
  • Welcome back packs

It’s easy to copy and paste jargon from policies and tick the box that says you told staff what changes you’ve made, but with our help you rest easy knowing that everything is communicated to them in a jargon-free way that they will understand, with supporting photos too!

The complete package

We’ve got an extensive network of other companies that we work with and can call upon their services to help further strengthen to your communications. You can have the complete package, but all streamlined as we will manage everything for you.

For example, we work with

  • Graphic designers who can create logos, artwork, posters and graphics for social media and websites. They can also create email templates and send these to your databases
  • Printers for any leaflets, posters, signage and even face guards and desk dividers
  • HR advisors who can help pull together the relevant internal communications documents.

 Get in touch to find out more and to have a chat about how we can help by emailing us at