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JAKT Commercial

JAKT Commercial photography helps clients develop the strongest visual impact for their business and brand. Working with our customers we create consistent photography for use across all forms of media. 

If you need to create photographs for your business, we will work with you to establish who your customers are! along with, what problems you or your products are helping them to solve! This is always our first step in helping you to create better photographs across your business!

For the past 12 years we have been creating photography campaigns for a wide range of clients and industries. This has allowed JAKT Commercial to develop a huge amount of experience particularly within the construction industry. Where we have captured projects from the very start to completion and beyond. This helps our customers to show consistency across their brand. Thus enabling them to use the images within social media and with the bid process.

Often we find that what our clients think they need does differ slightly to the final photographs. Typically for website or promotional content clients are told, “You need to get some images for your website.”

After meeting with them, we develop a plan to capture the photographs that will reach their chosen audience! Establishing customer needs is key, what problems do their customers have that our client is helping them solve.

How do we help?

A good example of how we help our clients is this. A client we have produces steel framework from their factory, as well they design and build steel structures. One of these aspect of their builds are within the farming industry.

Thinking in their customers mindset, their customers don’t always think we need a new building. They may be thinking that the current way they store potatoes is creating a lot of wasted produce. The waste in turn leads to a loss of revenue.

By talking to our client we have established that their customers need is actually to reduce waste and improve revenue. A new building could be one way of achieving this. A potential way of helping them to house their produce more effectively.

This is now our chance to develop an effective campaign for the photographs that can generate new business!

Rather than just photographing their initial thought, which in this case, was the final build. We suggested capturing each element of the build along with the completed work. We also suggested we photograph the farmer in an interview style.

Throughout the build, the progress photographs showed the small amount of impact the build process had on the farm. They also demonstrated the quality of final work and provided them with a real case study. A testimonial for there business from a current client within the same industry.

If you have any projects or ideas that you would like advice with, please get in touch by using our contact form.

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